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At Excel we strive with each and every inspection to be as honest and forthright with our clients as possible We pay attention to the small details.

Residential Properties Inspection

Home inspections are an important part of your real estate transaction. You’ve come to the right place! Our NYS licensed and insured inspectors perform thorough and extensive inspections on homes of all ages, sizes, and design.

Robust Reports
Our assessments are then compiled into elaborate and detailed reports that go above and beyond the call of duty. Our reports are detailed, easy to understand, and robust. Often 45+ pages, our reports include narrative, photos, technical illustrations, links to resources like repair costs and more. Have questions after reading the report? No problem! We’re happy to review your report with you and chat about your concerns. Not sure if you’re ready to put an offer in? Ask us about doing a pre-offer walk-through consultation! 

Are you selling your home?

Inspections aren’t just for the buyer! Prepare your home for listing with a thorough and detailed home inspection. Our inspectors will point out issues from major concerns through improvement items. Don’t let findings from a home inspection catch you off-guard and slow down your sale. Get a jump-start on repairs and negotiations. 

Are you renting your home?

Now offering landlord inspections! Before you rent, get your home inspected with a thorough inspection before you sign the lease. An unbiased, third-party report will document the condition of the home before renters move in. Landlords and tenants can both sign off on the report and have fair documentation that protects both parties come move out time. 

Years of Experience and Expertise

Pulling from years of inspection and building experience, we evaluate homes as a cohesive system, carefully assessing each major component of the house. We spend extensive time on-site with each client.

Commercial Properties Inspection


We approach commercial inspections from an investment perspective. Commercial properties come with their own needs of assessment. We follow ASTM PCA standards for commercial property condition assessments.

Our commercial inspection team consists of licensed inspectors and trade professionals. 

Multi-Unit residences to storefronts, office buildings, restaurants, and more…

Commercial buildings range from multi-unit apartment buildings (over four-units) to buildings used for commercial applications such as a bakery, office building, salon, etc. Whether your building is 1000 sq. feet to 10,000+ sq. feet, our team approaches your inspection from an investor prospective. We look for major concerns in components like commercial-grade electrical service, commercial roofs, commercial HVAC systems, structural issues, etc. 

A Team Of Professionals

Our commercial team consists of NYS licensed inspectors, licensed electricians, plumbers, roofers, HVAC professionals, and more. For commercial inspections, our tradesmen may provide estimates for repairs along with reports of the property’s condition. 

More Services We Provide

Comprehensive Home Inspection

If you are a buyer or a seller, Comprehensive Home Inspection is commonly needed to do to make sure the condition of the house. It is both for the securities of the taker and the seller. It’s an intensive inspection all over the house to see the visible damages that may cause problems in the future. It includes checking up the plumbing, mechanical, electrical outlets, physical features such as doors and windows. Then right after the inspection, they will provide you the report of what they have seen in the house.

Environmental Asbestos

Did you know that when you get too much exposure with asbestos it will result in fibrotic lung disease? It gives you lung irritation that might result in something bad for your respiratory system. It is like a poison to your lungs that slowly dominates you and reduces the function of your respiratory system. You normally get exposed to asbestos whenever you are somewhere surrounded with loose and broken materials formed with asbestos because its loose fibers may get into air & water that will turn out to poison your lungs.

Pre-listing Inspections

The benefits of getting ahead of what you should know about your future home reduce the risk of buying it. That is the purpose of pre-listing inspections, you will be able to determine the factors that may cause you issues after buying the house. This gives you the opportunity to avoid repairs before selling it. A pre-listing inspection is actually an advantage to both buyer and seller, for the seller may know what to be repaired and increase the chance of dealing, while the buyer gets the comfort of the home.

Environmental Molds

Mold is something we know and see on some moisten area, that is why we commonly see them in rocks, roofs, windows, and pipes. How does it affect the environment? As per the Federal Emergency Management Agency, it shows that molds highly affect the water’s health and produce serious water damages. It also has a bad effect on humans that may have result in allergic reactions.

Windstorm Migitation

Windstorm mitigation implies an investigation conducted by a certified inspector that will check all the possible passages of wind. This means checking up the capability of the windows, doors, roof, and other coverings if it can handle such strong wind that may cause by windstorm or hurricane. This kind of inspection is the only way that can help you save from the expensive cost of home insurance.

4 Point Inspections 

The 4 points that is most likely to get inspected in a house is HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical wiring and panels, plumbing connections and fixtures, and roof. This inspection checkups on how long or how old they are. This normally happens if you buy an old home that may require consultation to see if there is any damages to those 4 points that may result to insurance claims.



Structural means aiming for a particular building or establishment that is well built enough to function well. Several experts handled this kind of structural inspections, which are Structural Engineers.

Roof Condition Certifications 

This certain certification only evaluates roofs specifically. Roof Condition Certification is a way to certify that the roofs are in good condition and does not have any visible leaks. The inspectors would also determine the age of the roof. If in any case that they found out that your roof has a damage, they will require you to repair the roof before they will be able to certify you.

Swimming Pool Inspections

This specific part of your home for fun and leisure does also have some inspection before you enjoy the water and the sun. Swimming Pool Inspectors make sure that your happy place would not result in something horrifying. They check if there would be any electrical wires or if there is any slippery part on it that may lead to jeopardizing yourself or your family.

Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is the process of the person that will inspect the homeowners’ roof. They are the ones who will certify your roof if there will be any future problems that might need to repair. They determine their life span, age, leaks, and holes.

Major System Inspections

Unlike the different processes of inspection whether it’s for a property, home, leisure, etc. Major System Inspections aim only to those important parts of your future property. It checks up your exterior, interior,  structure, plumbing, and electricity.

Environmental Lead Paint 

Lead paint is known for being dangerous to anyone who absorbed this. This may lead to a poisonous effect to you or your family especially for kids, pregnant women & babies. It occurs whenever you inhaled lead particles from paint that is already flaking.

Our Reviews

Andy performed my home inspection on March 1, 2019. It was a wonderful experience. He demonstrated outstanding work ethic. I found comfort in his level of professionalism and care. He was able to complete the job in a timely manner with minimal disturbance to the home. I have already recommended his services to friends and he gets 5 Stars all across the board! 

Andy came highly recommended and after receiving his inspection report of the home we are purchasing, I can totally see why he has a great reputation.Very thorough and detailed. I highly recommend him if you are in the process of buying a home. Worth every penny.

Andy did a thorough and excellent inspection and Comprehensive Inspection Report on the condo I recently purchased. He detailed things I did not notice or had any clue about, as well as the approximate cost to fix them. This prepared me prior to closing and moving in to get certain things done. I highly recommend his service to anyone who is purchasing a home here in S. FL.

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