Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Residential Home inspection?

A basic inspection should include an examination of the home’s following elements: Structural integrity. Exterior—attached decks and patios are typically included, but outbuildings and freestanding decks are not. Roofing system.

What is covered in a Home inspection?

A standard report also does not cover items like a well and septic system, mold (outside of a visual check), asbestos, radon, or pests, but these are often available as add-ons.

What does a home inspection include?

Florida licensed home inspectors must follow ethics and regulations. These regulations outline what is to be inspected during your inspection. Please visit our services page for details on inspections.

Do the utilities have to be on?

It’s in your best interest to have the water running, the electricity on, and the house in working order. Make sure all interior and exterior light fixtures are operational and that appliances like the refrigerator are plugged in and running. If utilities aren’t on, a meaningful inspection can still be performed.

What will the home inspector need access to?

You will need to provide access to the attic, basement, furnace, water heater, and electrical panel, as well as any portions of the cooling system. 

What is covered in a home inspection?

All of the homes visible and accessible features such as: Roof and gutters, interior and exterior walls, floors, ceilings, appliances, doors and windows, air conditioning and heating systems, insulation, ventilation, electrical system, plugs and switches, plumbing and fixtures, garage, attic, swimming pool and components, sprinkler system *termite and wood destroying organisms, and **septic.

* Performed by a state licensed pest contractor
** This is an additional service not included in the basic comprehensive inspection

Why do I need an inspection?

Today’s real estate market is highly competitive. Purchasing a home is one of, if not the biggest financial investment that individuals make in their lives. Many times potential buyer’s are “in love” with their potential new home. By having an inspection you will have an individual who has no vested interest in the home perform an evaluation not looking through “rose colored glasses”. Being informed about this investment is essential. By having your home inspection performed, you will be made aware of the homes deficiencies. This is vital for your general information as regards moving forward with your purchase. An inspection is also key as a negotiating tool. Along with noting the deficiencies, Excels inspection reports will list an estimate for having a licensed contractor in the specified field repair the items listed. This can be used to reduce the final cost of the property or receive a credit from the seller.

When will I get my report?

A multi-page digital report will be sent to you within approximately 48 hours after the inspection. We try to be as meticulous as possible so bigger homes or those with several issues render longer reports and more working hours.

Does the inspector look under the floorboards or in the walls?

A home inspection includes anything that is observable but non-invasive. Because invasive procedures cause damage to the home (holes in walls, ripped up floors) home inspectors do not evaluate anything that is not observable. We do perform services such as moisture readings and will report most observable excess moisture in the home. 

How long will my home inspection take?

A quality home inspection should be a thorough process. It is in your best interest that a property inspection be detailed and precise. As regards time at the property, many variables need to be accounted for, such as square footage, age of the property, and of course, the condition of the property. While again, it varies from property to property, on average, the typical condominium will take 1.5 – 2 hours. A townhouse/villa 3 – 3.5 hours. A single-family home 3.5 – 4 hours. Again, at Excel, our goal is not to do it fast, but do it right. By doing so, we are able to give our clients the most accurate evaluation of the property so that they can attain a full assessment of the property’s condition.   

What type of inspection services do you offer?

We also offer several environmental inspections such as radon, lead, asbestos, air quality, water potability and mold. Due to Florida’s sub-tropical climate numerous homes have had excessive amounts of moisture penetration. Mold then can become a major issue. Mold poses a major threat to all individuals, this especially true for infants, expectant mothers and the elderly. Mold causes a wealth of health problems such as (but not limited to) headaches, eye/nose/throat and skin irritation, wheezing, memory loss, and much more. Let us protect your family. Contact us for more details.

Why should i use excel property inspections?

Purchasing a home can be a very stressful event. At Excel we strive with each and every inspection to be as honest and forthright with our clients as possible We pay attention to the small details and are thorough and reliable. Customer service and satisfaction is always our first priority. Lessen the stress of your home purchasing experience by having our certified and experienced inspectors inspect your home. At Excel with every inspection “We excel to be the best”.